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Shop at home for a beautiful new toilet seat - a fast, easy, low cost solution for your bath or powder room.

Select a beautiful new replacement colored toilet seat and cover from Bemis.

Choose from 94 colors including White and Black.

Get the perfect toilet seat to
decorate your bath room or power room.

Our one low price will include FREE SHIPPING!

NOTICE: PLEASE READ before purchasing!

Bemis Color Direct Custom Color KitBemis Color Direct Custom Color KitBemis Color Direct Custom Color Toilet Seat Selection Kit

Bemis Manufacturing Company is the largest manufacturer of toilet seats in the United States. Bemis makes seats for all popular American brands of toilets: Kohler, American Standard, Eljer, Gerber, Crane, Peerless, Western Pottery and many more. You may see a complete listing of companies and colors below. Bemis also markets toilet seats that they manufacture under the brand name Mayfair Toilet Seats.

Bemis Color Direct is a great solution for selecting toilet seats. Bemis offers a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes commonly found in most homes throughout North America. Bemis Color Direct is not a solution however, for all model seats such as any seat having a bolt spread other than 5 1/2" wide.
(In the U.S. the standard distance between hinge post holes is 5 1/2").

Although Bemis Color Direct toilet seats fit most Eljer and American Standard toilets it is not a solution for some special sizes and shapes such as the "Square Front" style produced by ELJER, and a few specifiic American Standard toilets and some other various models and designs by some other manufacturers.

Dickson Supply is a representative and distributor of the Bemis Manufacturing Company. We run this web site and we will send you the Color Direct Kit promptly from our warehouse. We are your point of contact; you will be dealing with us, the Bemis distributor. Once you send in your toilet seat selection, your new seat will arrive to your door in about 10 days time or less. The best part is all shipping is included - you pay only one price for your new toilet seat.


This is not a new program, Color Direct has been around for years, it is a system that works and works well!

Exactly HOW does Color Direct work?
When you purchase a Bemis Color Direct kit, you are buying a new toilet seat and cover. This kit is designed to ensure you get the correct size and color you need. Color Direct will guide you get it right - The First time. By buying Color Direct on-line your arrured that you will not have any frustrating trips back to a returns counter to correct a wrong color or shape.

Once you receive your Color Direct kit, you will be prompted by the enclosed form to select the proper size and color toilet seat that you want would like. Choosing the color should not be a problem because there are 94 COLOR CHIPS INCLUDED IN THE COLOR DIRECT KIT!

Next, you will fill out the form completly with your name and address information and then place the form in the enclosed envelope and drop it in the mail. THE POSTAGE IS PAID - NO STAMP IS REQUIRED BY YOU. Your new Premium Solid Plastic Bemis Toilet Seat will ship to your home within 10 days directly from the factory,and freight is pre-paid to you too. It's that easy!

The Color Direct kit is the easiest way to find Seashell Pink, Tender Gray and even Avocado Green toilet seats. You can examine all 96 colors that Bemis makes from the chart and match it to your existing toilet. Once you make your final selection for size and color you may either enter the information on-line to speed the process or use the pre-paid mailer included with Color Direct to send your order form directly to the manufacturer. Bemis will then ship the toilet seat and cover you have selected to your door, also at no extra cost.

Your new toilet seat ships to you FREIGHT FREE (in the Continental USA only)!

Sorry but we do not ship COLOR DIRECT to any other destinations at this time.

Bemis Color Direct is the purchace of one seat per kit, so please order one kit for every seat you'll need.

Even if you already know the color and shape toilet seat and cover you need, using the Color Direct System is still the best, low cost way to get your new Bemis premium colored toilet seat and cover delivered to your door - no hassle !

Best of all - Bemis seats are quick and easy to install with the Bemis "Top Mount Hinge".

Before ordering the Bemis Color Direct kit, please observe your seat shape and measure the bolt spread to see if Bemis will work for you. Measure the spread from the center of one bolt to the other.

Here are the dimensions of the two common size toilets - they both have a 5 1/2" measurement from one bolt - center to the other.

Here is a complete list of the many popular toilet bowl manufacturers and the toilet seat colors that the Color Direct kits are considered to be a satisfactory, complimentary match for.

Bemis Color Direct Custom Color  Kit with over 94 colors to choose

Toilet Manufacturer's and Color Name
Aegean Mist, Americana Brown, Autumn Gold, Bayberry-Avocado, Bermuda, Coral, Black, Blonde, Bone, Candlelight, Classic Mink, Classic Turquoise, Colonial Blue, Daydream, Dresden Blue, Euro White, Fawn Beige, Heather, Honeydew, Light Mink, Light Turquoise, Linen, Loganberry, Ming Green, Orchid, Peach Blossom, Rain Forest, Regency, Blue Rhapsody, Blue Saffron, Yellow, Shell, Silver, Spice Mocha, Spring, Surf Green, Venetian Pink, Warm White

Toilet Manufacturer's and Color Name
Avocado, Azure Green Blush, Bone, Cameo Rose, Carnation Pink, Citron Yellow, Golden Harvest, Java, Lucerne Blue, Parched Sand, Peach Blossom, Pearl Gray, Soft Yellow, Tawny Beige, Willow Green

Toilet Manufacturer's and Color Name
Avocado Green, Bermuda Blue, Biscuit, Blush, Bone/Cameo, Café Brown, Desert Rose, Dresden Blue, Elegant Black, Fawn Beige, Harvest Gold, Light Grey, Parchment, Regency Blue, Royal Silver, Saffron Yellow, Sea Green, Shell, Sky Blue, Soft Blue, Special Vanilla, Spring Mist, Tampa Blue, Tampa Sand, Venetian Pink

Toilet Manufacturer's and Color Name
Almond Nut, Autumn Beige, Avocado, Aztec Gold, Black, Blush, Bone/Cameo, Buttercup Yellow, Carnation Pink, Pale Jade, Peach Blossom, Platinum Grey, Powder Blue, Sahara Sand, Sea foam Green, Shell Pink, Sky Blue, Sun Tan, Teakwood, Tender Grey, Wild Rose

Toilet Manufacturer's and Color Name
Avocado, Blossom Pink, Classic Grey, Colonial Yellow, Creamy Yellow, Denim Blue, Desert Gold, Dusty Rose, Glacier Blue, Island Sea, Lilac, Misty Rose, Natural Onyx, Pastel Green, Peach Bisque, Platinum Ruby, Sandalwood, Sea Mist Green, Silk, Tuscan Tan, Twilight Blue, Verde Green, Zinfandel

Toilet Manufacturer's and Color Name
Almond, Avocado, Bahama Pink, Blush, Bone, British Biscuit, Citron Yellow, Dawn Blue, English Rose, Jamaican Beige, Mocha, Nutria, Ocean Sand, Peach, Petal Pink, Powder Blue, Regal Blue, Sahara Gold, Seashell, Silverado, Soft Grey, Spanish Gold, Tijuana Sand, Wedgewood Blue, Wheat

Toilet Manufacturer's and Color Name
Almond, Avocado, Bone, Cerulean Blue, Dresden Blue, Fawn Beige, Gold Heron Blue, Mexican Sand, Parchment, Sterling Silver, Tender Grey

Toilet Manufacturer's and Color Name
Almond, Aspen Green, Avocado, Biscuit, Black Black, Cerulean Blue, Chamois, Country Grey, Desert Bloom, Expresso,Espresso French Vanilla, Fresh Green, Harvest Gold, Heron Blue, Ice Grey, Innocent Blush, Jersey Cream, Merlot, Mexican Sand , Navy Blue, New Orleans Blue, Parchment, Peach blow, Pink Champagne, Raspberry, Seafoam, Skylight, Spruce Green, Suez Tan, Sunrise, Swiss Chocolate, Teal, Tender Grey, Thunder Grey, Timberline

Toilet Manufacturer's and Color Name
Antique Lace, Black, Caribbean Shell, Cascade Blue, Classic Beige, Classic Bone, Classic Silver, Dawn Blush, Desert Sand, French Chiffon, Harbor Gray, Heritage Blue, Misty Blue, Natural/Almond, Raspberry, Royal Gold, Royal Parchment

Toilet Manufacturer's and Color Name
Alpine Green, Caribbean Blue, Chablis Pink, Chocolate, Harvest Gold, Ivory, Moroccan Sand, Papyrus, Parisian Crème, Rose, Sterling Silver

Toilet Manufacturer's and Color Name
Americana Brown, Bayberry, Bone, Cerulean Blue, Dresden Blue, Fawn Beige, Harvest Gold, Mexican Sand, Parchment, Regency Blue, Saffron Yellow, Sterling Silver, Venetian Pink

Toilet Manufacturer's and Color Name
Avocado, Black, Blue, Blue Mist, Chicory Blue, Cranberry, Cream Doeskin, Gold, Green, Green Ice, Green Velvet, Mushroom, Pink, Rose Dawn, Silver Gray, Spring Yellow, Tan, White Sand, Yellow

Toilet Manufacturer's and Color Name
Peach, Rose, Silver

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the Bemis/Mayfair Color Direct kit, and toilet seat selection process.
Today you have discovered the best way for you to get the correct size and color toilet seat that you need - by using the popular BEMIS COLOR DIRECT toilet seat selection system.

Many of our clients have been very pleased with the convenience of Color Direct System, we are sure you will be too.
Please return to the top of page to place your order. We will have your Color Direct kit off to you promptly.

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